My ex owes me child support; what can I do to collect?

One useful option is to seek the services of the child enforcement agency, which is a part of each county’s Department of Human Services. Although they often are slow because of a large caseload, they have tools at their disposal such as seizing tax returns, suspending drivers and/or professional licenses, which are unavailable to lawyers. However, once a child is emancipated, they will not pursue collection of past due child support.

Also, there are unique circumstances, such as proving under the table income or other financial circumstances which they may be unable or unwilling to pursue. In such cases, private legal counsel is probably a better choice.

Sometimes, a parent who owes substantial child support may come into an inheritance or lottery winning or some other large amount of money from which child support can be collected. It is important to know that unpaid past child support carries statutory interest of 12% each year, which can mean a long unpaid child support debt may accumulate interest above the original amount owed in a surprising amount of time.